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Collin County DPS Road Test: Teens/Adults

Once you’ve completed all the necessary lessons and paperwork to earn your license, it’s time to get behind the wheel. Discover how you can take the Collin County, TX, DPS road test much more conveniently and in a more relaxed setting by turning to Harmony Driving School.

For students attending Lovejoy High School, we provide the Texas DPS test right outside. This makes it easy for student drivers to attend a road test in a location they are familiar and comfortable with. Adults are also welcome to schedule their road test at the high school, as it is a safe and convenient location to meet and start the test.

Don’t Stress Over Your Success

Rather than waiting in line for excessive amounts of time and stressing over your ability to pass the test, come to a third-party test-taking site. With our school, you can feel relaxed and confident that your exam will go smoothly.

If you have any questions about our DPS driving test or what you need to bring, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Harmony Driving School. Our lessons and assessments give you the opportunity to achieve your goals quickly and at a price that you can afford.

Location: Lovejoy High School
Address: 2350 Estate Parkway Lucas, TX 75002

Date & Times:
Monday-Wedneday 8AM & 8:30AM
No Test on Thursday
Friday & Saturday 8AM, 8:30AM
Sunday 9AM, 9:30AM, 10AM, 10:30AM and 11AM

Fee: $100.00 cash or check
Payable to: Harmony Driving School

Items needed to take the test:

  1. One copy of learner's permit (front & back)
  2. Two copies of the Impact Texas Distraction video certificate
  3. One copy of the certificate of completion from the driving school attended
  4. $100.00 cash or check payable to Harmony Driving School

Items needed at the DPS office for the driver's license:

  1. The package from Harmony Driving School driving test (un-opened)
  2. A VOE form (Verification of Enrollment Form from
    High School)
  3. 30 hour parent/student log sheet

Contact Harmony Driving School for more information on the Collin County DPS road test.