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Schedule & Fees for Our Safe Driving School in Collin County, TX

Learn how to become an excellent driver with help from the experienced instructors at Harmony Driving School. Whether you are a teenager who wants to earn a driver’s permit, or you are an older adult who is ready to finally get a driver’s license, you’ll enjoy personalized and professional instruction at our safe driving school in Collin County, TX. We’ll teach you all the rules of the road and how to avoid driving mistakes. So, when it’s time to take the test, you’ll be ready to pass!

Becoming a good driver is easier than you think. Although it takes some work, the results pay off in the end. Fortunately, our qualified teachers have years of experience in driver instruction and remain up to date on everything in the industry.

If you’re wondering, “Why get a driver’s license?” our experts can help you make an informed decision. Turn to Harmony Driving School for detailed driver's ed courses. We have provided information about our class dates and fees below.

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Teen Driving Courses

Our teen classes are priced very reasonably. For teens ages 14 to 17, classes include 32 hours of in-class driver education and 14 hours of in-car lessons. The fees for this course include:

  • Driving Test - $100
  • Classroom Lessons (32 Hours) & 7 In-Car Lessons (14 Hours) - $325
  • Permit Test & Eye Exam - $20
  • Classroom Only (16 Lessons) - $250
  • In-Car Only (7 Lessons) - $225
  • A Duplicate of Any Certificate Can Be Purchased for $30

Adult Driving Courses

When it comes to our adult sessions, they are available for students ages 18 to 24. The 6-hour courses cost $150. Once registered, students have 180 days (6 months) to complete the entire course. This time period includes drive times and makeup classes (if necessary). If you aren't able to complete the class in the allotted time contract, you can extend the completion period by request. This must be done before your original contract date expires.

Driving Class Schedule For 2021:

All Locations: Farmersville, Lovejoy ISD and Royse City ISD

  • June 1st - June 24th
  • June 28th - July 22nd
  • July 26th - August 19th
  • August 23rd - September 16th
  • September 20th - October 14th
  • October 18th - November 11th
  • November 15th - December 16th
    (No classes over Thanksgiving break) 

Additional Fees

If you miss 1 of our in-car driving lessons in Collin County, TX, and don't provide a 24-hour notice, you'll be charged a $25 fee. We also charge $30 on all returned checks.

Important Notice

Recently, Texas added an additional requirement for teens and young adults to complete before getting their licenses. Individuals ages 15 to 17 have to watch two teen videos on driving and distractions. The videos were created by Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD). Drivers over the over the age of 18 must watch the 1-hour adult video.