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An affordable traffic school in Collin County, TX

Our Traffic School in Collin County, TX, Teaches You Everything You Need to Know

Driving is a skill which incorporates many sub-skills that have to be addressed, developed, and perfected. It’s not something that you can attack without regard to the various steps that must be mastered. When you study at our traffic school in Collin County, TX, you are going to receive a solid grounding in the lessons of safe and effective driving.

Let the instructors of Harmony Driving School teach you how to safely operate a vehicle. Our Farmersville, Texas, instructors provide in-depth driving lessons and safety courses. We give both teens and adults a clear understanding of state rules, laws, and regulations. Additionally, we take our time to work with each student individually. This way, everyone receives personalized driver education.

Offering a driving instructor in Collin County, TX, that you can count on

Behind the Wheel

There is no substitute for experience. Simulations and discussions and videos cannot compare to actual time behind the wheel in real traffic. That’s why we take the time to give you lessons on the road. It’s an effective and proven way to prepare drivers and meshes nicely with our certified DPS driving test service. Theory backed with practice helps you attain true skills that will make you a safe driver for the long-term.

With the help of our Hyundai Sonata™, students are able to practice driving. Our traffic school in Collin County, TX, provides each person with seven driving sessions, where we practice specific lessons. These objectives show students what to do in various situations. Our driver education includes:

  • Basic Skills - Acceleration, Breaking, Right & Left Turns, Hand-Over-Hand Steering, Backing a Straight Line, & Parking next to a Curb
  • Metropolitan Driving on Multilane Roads - Yielding the Right of Way, Maneuvering through 4-Way Stop & Red Light Intersections, Merging into Left & Right Lanes
  • Turning Aspects - Completing 2-Point, 3-Point, & U-Turns
  • Rural Roads - Maneuvering on Rural Roads
  • Highway Driving - Entering & Exiting the Highway & Merging Right or Left
  • Parking - Parallel Parking 6 Inches from the Curb, Perpendicular, Hill, & Angled Parking

Road Test

Our driving test services make sure you are ready to take your road test. You will be thoroughly prepared and confident thanks to the skills you have developed during your lessons. It’s a recipe for success.

Our most important and final lesson is the road test. During this session, you are taught how to apply all the previous lessons on the road together. The driving test will cover each technique you've learned. This ensures you know what to do during different scenarios, including using your blind spot.

Almost 700,000 accidents are caused per year due to blind spots. Moreover, 30% of all car accidents happen due to drivers not using their turn signals or forgetting to shut them off. Our road test shows you how to avoid these mistakes.

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Schedule a driving lesson with us today. We are proud to create safe drivers in Collin County, TX, and the surrounding area.